Creative Days January-15-2011

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All all my new ideas and designs are on facebook or my blog ~ I am always super busy sewing orders for special people so why not join me on face book to keep up to date with new ideas and design


emerald-fairy Lynn
Your on-line sewing fairy
Weaving Magic into fabric everyday
Cream & Apricot Bohemian Wedding Coat
Stunning NEW Patchwork Bohemian Coats ~ Choose One or Have One Made Just For You ~ Perfect for Wedding or Hand Fasting Ceremony
In Store Now!!
Patchwork Bohemian Wedding Jacket
Fairy Wedding Coat
Black & Smokey Mauve Patchwork Bohemian Coat
Smokey Mauve & Black
Bohemian Elf Coat
This One is Popular!! Gorgeous Colours
Tan Gypsy Elf Patchwork Coat

Gorgeous Alternative Fairytale Bridal Veils ~ Lots of Colours & Ideas for Brides who would like somthing different. Veils with Roses, Butterflies, Pearls, Glitter, Feathers and many other creative designs in my fairy minds eye
Black & White Fairytale Bridal Veil
Mint & Mauve FairyTale Beach Wedding Veil
Pink Fairy Wedding Veil



Barefoot Sandals for Gypsy Belly Dancing or Pretty Glass Beaded Sandals for the Beach Bride. I made Sandals, Anklets, Slave Bracelets in lots of great colours 

Frangipini Bare Foot Beach Wedding Sandals




custom made for you

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Hello and Welcome to My Enchanted Web 

  My Name is Lynnette ~ I am known on the Web as  Emerald Fairy

         Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs was started in 1994 after I moved from Sydney  in 1991 to the Beautiful Tweed Coast of Northern New South Wales

        It was in this quiet setting I discovered my inner creativity and since that time I have enjoyed every moment

I do all the sewing myself so there is lots of lovely energy in my work

  This is a fairy photo of me at Kingscliff Markets  taken a few years ago

   I used to love the markets

 but over time I progressed into wholesale and selling on-line, starting in e bay in 2005 as emerald-fairy

Now I have My Own Wed Site where I can make gorgeous garments for Wonderful Souls

All these years its been a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment

and also lots of fun!! 


Currently I have this web site

    where I share interesting things as well as some of photos of my customers


 I have a gorgeous bridal boutique

Promoting some of my designs perfect for Garden & Beach Weddings 


I have a gorgeous Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs Store with loads of products & designs

 It's an Enchanted Store and the most popular  is my Fairy Blog where I showcase all my newest creations and things I find interesting to share

I have some of my designs on E bay  & Oztion  Auction Sites

Another area I have expanded into is another store with different designs ~ I found there were many plus size ladies out there looking for something nice to wear so I started designing a more conservative range of ladies fashions, well as conservative as I can be with my imagination. With this store I try to make mix n match fashions so skirts, tops and jackets are the idea. Limited fabrics are purchased so the fabrics are constantly changing. It's fun and I enjoy working with various fabrics I haven't used before and a challenge to try to be creative. Lady Misty's Place also stocks imported garments at great prices.

You can visit my new Lady Misty's Place for Fashion at

or my Lady Misty Fashion Blog at


Lady-Misty can also be found on E bay and Oztion Auction sites




emerald-fairy on a personal note

Born under the sign of Aquarius I am a deep thinker, with a love of the metaphysical mystical aspects of my journey. While working I go into a special place in my mind into  different vibrational thought patterns ~ sometimes I tune into the person I am making a garment for and sometimes I just drift in my imagination. It's in this special place I find answers and hear the inner voice of wisdom guiding my way (when I choose to listen!!) 

Years ago I went into a study of life and seeking answers and I have a mystical web site that reflects my imagination on a spiritual level

A place where I share stories, some poetry and experiences

you can venture over there if you wish and read my stories

Enter emerald-fairy's mystical place

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